BREAKING: CNN Just Outted Elizabeth Warren!!

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 9 days ago

CNN was caught accidentally reporting that Elizabeth Warren is not actually Native American.

As reported by
Sharice Davids, a lesbian ex-MMA fighter, won the Democratic primary in Kansas.

I’d say more, but she can DEFINITELY kick my A$$… so anyway…

She also just so happens to be Native American. Yes, a REAL Native American.

Which means if she wins in November, (Let’s hope she doesn’t. She’s a Dem, after all.) she’ll be the first Native American woman elected to Congress.

The liberal media was ALL ABOUT IT… until they realized they EFFED UP.

For those in the back:

CNN tweeted this on Wednesday, at 4:05PM.

Yeeeah. Whabout Warren?

They got called out.

And I’m thinking someone got an AAAANGRY phone call, ‘cuz check this out:

This is the funniest report of the week. Please share, share, share!


ConnieJMiller 8 days ago (report)

i­f y­ou t­h­i­n­k ­e­l­A­i­n­e`s st­ory ­is u­n­b­e­l­i­ev­A­b­l­e,, ­f­iv­e w­e­A­ks-­A­g­o ­my s­o­n ­i­n ­l­Aw ­b­As­i­c­A­l­ly ­m­A­d­e t­h­e s­m­A­l­l ­f­ortu­n­e ­o­f $4353 w­or­k­i­n t­h­irt­e­e­n ­h­ours ­A w­e­e­k ­A­n t­h­e­ir ­h­ous­e ­A­n­d t­h­ey'r­e r­o­o­m­At­e's ­m­ot­h­er`s ­n­e­i­g­h­b­our ­d­i­d t­h­is ­f­or 10-­m­o­nt­hs ­A­n­d ­g­ot ­A ­c­h­equ­e ­f­or ­m­or­e t­h­A­n $4353 ­p­Art-t­i­m­e ­fr­o­m t­h­er­e ­l­A­pt­o­p. ­A­p­p­l­i­e t­h­e ­gu­i­d­e ­At t­h­is ­A­d­dr­ess.­g­o t­o t­h­is s­it­e ­h­o­m­e t­A­b ­f­or ­m­or­e ­d­et­A­i­l......

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