BREAKING: Dallas Democrat resigns, took a ton of bribery money

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A Dallas official pleaded guilty Thursday to federal charges after prosecutors said he gained more than $450,000 in kickbacks and bribes in exchange for official motions taken to benefit local business dealings.

DALLAS — Dallas City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, of Dallas, Texas, and Robert C. Leonard Jr., of New Orleans, Louisiana, appeared in federal court today before Chief U.S. District Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn and pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges, announced Erin Nealy Cox, U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Texas. Council Member Caraway pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud and one count of tax evasion. Robert Leonard pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud.

The law enforcement operation was led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI).

“The pleas today represent the meticulous and tireless efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, and the dedicated prosecutors of our office,” stated U.S. Attorney Nealy Cox. “These cases demonstrate our continued resolve to uncover corruption at the highest levels--the citizens of Dallas deserve honest government.”

“Today's guilty pleas are the results of a sensitive and complex investigation conducted by FBI Dallas' Public Corruption Investigative Team with assistance from the Internal Revenue Service. The conspirators utilized their position of access and financial means to defraud the citizens of Dallas County,” said Eric K. Jackson, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Dallas Division. “The FBI will continue to aggressively investigate any public servant who abuses their official position and access to benefit themselves financially at the taxpayer’s expense. Additionally, those who seek to exploit public servants with financial or material support will be identified and held accountable for their actions.”

“IRS Criminal Investigation uses financial investigative expertise to pursue those individuals who engage in corruption and tax fraud,” said Tamera Cantu, IRS Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas Field Office. “Merging the unique skills of each agency makes a formidable team as we investigate those who violate the public’s trust. Today’s actions underscore that the law applies to everyone, regardless of position or power.”

According to the Plea Agreements and Factual Resumes filed in the cases, Leonard paid and Caraway accepted more than $450,000 in bribe and kickback payments in the form of a phony consulting agreement, luxury suits, fully funded trips, gambling money, repayment of personal debt, checks and cash. Leonard also admitted to paying Rick Sorrells, former Dallas County Schools Superintendent, over $3 million in bribes and kickbacks payments in various forms, including $200,000 toward Sorrells’ credit card and student loan debt through a bank account opened in the name of a nonexistent entity.

In return for the bribe and kickback payments, Caraway promised favorable official actions to further Leonard’s business interests in Dallas. These actions included key votes to promote and continue the school bus stop-arm camera program -- which contracted with Leonard’s company, Force Multiplier Solutions -- and other actions taken to benefit Force Multiplier Solutions.

Both Defendants admitted to efforts undertaken to disguise and conceal the nature of the bribe and kickback payments. Leonard funneled a significant portion of the illicit payments through various pass-through companies created and operated by his business associate, Slater Washburn Swartwood, Sr., of Louisiana. Specifically, Swartwood, acting at Leonard’s direction, funneled and masked payments to Caraway and Sorrells as “consulting fees” or “loans” through his shell company ELF Investments. The co-conspirators originally characterized the payments to Sorrells as “consulting,” but later attempted to recast the payments as a loan. Sorrells provided no legitimate consulting services in exchange for the payments. There were payments made to Caraway in the form of checks that were cashed at pawnshops and liquor stores.

Caraway also admitted that in 2012 through 2014, he evaded and defeated the payment of substantial income tax due and owed to the IRS resulting in a tax loss of $68,906. Specifically, in 2014, Caraway failed to report for income tax purposes $97,000 of bribe and kickback payments he received from Leonard, under the auspice of “consulting fees.” Caraway also offset a portion of bribe and kickback payments he did report as income in prior years via phony business expenses.

The other co-conspirators, Swartwood and Sorrells, pleaded guilty earlier in the year. Swartwood pleaded guilty in February 2018 and Sorrells in April 2018 for their joint role in the conspiracy. Both are currently out on bond. Swartwood’s sentencing is scheduled for August, and Sorrells’ sentencing before U.S. District Judge David C. Godbey has not yet been scheduled.


Brittney G. Taylor 11 days ago (report)

These actions included key votes to promote and continue the school bus stop-arm camera program -- which contracted with Leonard’s company, Force Multiplier Solutions -- and other actions taken to benefit Force Multiplier Solutions.Look for real news....................

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Kristy McGregor 7 days ago (report)

Most tax collectors are accountants and CPA’s who have the lowest unemployment rate of any profession. Whereas a tax collector may feel internal revenue is a noble service, most, especially if reporting to the Trump administration, understand and appreciate supply-side economics as fiscal conservatives. President Reagan undersold supply-side economics from tax cuts or declining tax revenue, which not only means a three-faceted drop in the misery index (lower unemployment, lower inflation, and lower interest rates), but higher income for workers, better working conditions and more benefits, and more loans for people with bad credit. Higher energy levels, where people are happy and productive, rather than unemployed and miserable, with more tedious labor assigned to machines and automation, means long term peace and prosperity.

Declining tax revenue because of record tax bankruptcies, more awareness of overseas trust funds, foreign tax ID’s, and something that didn’t exist until a few years ago, overseas payment processors, plus the increasing awareness of less enforceability of tax laws if legal International tax shelters means more tax debt, even more tax fraud and tax evasion with less fear of retaliation, the tax collectors must prepare for a tax revolt that will behoove them in the short and long run as it increases their chances of finding work in the private sector. Failure to act now and spread the word, as I am doing to millions of recipients through means no privatization of EDD, which could make it difficult to find work quickly enough after massive tax collector lay-offs.

I am the inventor of tax audit insurance at and, which collects money from those who know, with legal tax delinquency inspired by a massive tax revolt with little hope of an audit for that reason, but a tax audit insurance settlement or “lottery winning” if they can verify a loss with penalties and/or interest from a tax audit. This insurance can never be made illegal as they are “anti-charities” and Congress would not endure the embarrassment of actions against a major tax revolt. They can only save face by privatizing everything. I have had dozens of replies that people want to build websites to reward tax debt like me, many abroad and some are wealthy Arabian and Iranian oil barons who want to use advertising revenue to promote these websites to benefit from fall of U.S government and $6 billion per year to support Israel.

IRS work is dangerous and might become more dangerous because of increasing hostility toward government. An IRS agent was murdered a few years ago in Kentucky after investigating a crystal-meth lab. As with the fall of the Roman Empire, mob activity is on the rise and more dangerous work will be required of IRS to make tax sanctions more punitive by being forced to investigate an increasing number of drug traffickers. The progressive tax system, for all intentional purposes, never existed, and I make the middle class aware of that as they pay all the taxes and are becoming more disgruntled. I believe the Democrats will pick up seats in November, making it impossible for Trump to cut taxes to extend life of federal government. A major loss of taxes means less enforceability of tariff law, which can be undermined by contraband through Mexican-Canadian borders, coastlines, even GPS-controlled propellers for parachute drops.


James Dante Wood

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